Meet new people who share your love for all things Lotus


Talk at a show, over a meal or while enjoying a drink


Drive the country roads on a fun run or on the race track

SDLC regularly sponsors local driving events. 

All participants must sign a liability waiver and obey club rules.

The San Diego Lotus Club (SDLC) is a chapter of Golden Gate Lotus Club (a non-profit organization). SDLC asks that all Club Members and Guests attending any Club-sponsored driving event adhere to all road rules as outlined under the California Motor Vehicles Code or applicable code. This includes following posted speed limits, and acting in a courteous manner to all others on the road, other drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclist and even roller bladers and street luge riders! 

All participants of any SDLC event must have auto insurance to cover property damage and injury that may be caused by an incident.

While the SDLC’s mandate is to offer a fun environment for Lotus owners to enjoy their vehicles, the Club stresses that safety both on and off the road must come first.

The Club and its board of directors bear no responsibility for any driver's conduct while on Club outings and events, and by attending a Club event, you accept full responsibility for your own actions. For Members who consistently drive carelessly or dangerously, Club Membership can and will be revoked.

The bottom line is that we are all out to have some fun ... so let's do so in a responsible manner.

SDLC Calendar of Events

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